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Specializing in metal welders, custom-engineered ultrasonic bonders of all types. Sonobond produces equipment for: Ultrasonic Metal welding Ultrasonic Textile bonding Ultrasonic Plastic bonding Ultrasonic Nonwoven bonding Ultrasonic Filter assembly Ultrasonic Photovoltaic cell assembly Ultrasonic body armor assembly Ultrasonic Battery assembly

SCS Medical Coatings:

Vital performance and protection for medical device applications.SCS’ leadership in providing world-class Parylene coating services for the medical device industry is more than just a point of difference.


The Ultimate in Speed and Accuracy

Small Character Inkjet

PRINT MORE. EFFICIENCY BUILT IN with LONGEVITY service pack. PROVEN ROBUSTNESS Maximize your production performance. 99.9% availability rate Smart design. TCO included.

What We Do

Airtron Manufacturing Solutions sells pick and place equipment, reflow ovens, wave soldering equipment, PCB cleaning solutions, line conveyors, inspection equipment, re-work solutions, and power/air utilities solutions to canadian manufacturers.
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