Manufacturers 3DISCARD



Quality rework / selective and multifunctional assembly systems for electronics, semiconductors, MEMS, photonics and micromechanical applications. Specialists in BGA rework and repair.


Automatically measure, cut and count hook-up wires, medical grade tubing, heat shrink, rubber cable and communication cable.

assembAssembléon Kulicke & Soffa

Develops and distributes a diverse range of Surface Mount Technology (SMT) placement equipment and provides a broad range of related services.


austinAustin American Technology

Engineers and manufacturers high performance cleaning systems.



Tip and Volume solder fume extraction systems. Solutions are available for manual and automated processes including: wave solder, reflow, selective solder and conformal coating solder applications.



Depanaling systems for full board or tab routing, semi-automatic and inline systems.


cyberopticsCyber Optics

CyberOptics offers complete SPI and AOI inspection solutions that come with the assurance of quality, accuracy and speed. Plus, unique value-add solutions designed with a unified purpose – better process, better yield.

johnstonJohnston Equipment

Carousels consist of an oval track with rotating bins containing shelves that deliver items to the operator.


Provider of reflow soldering systems and drying systems for the electronics industry as well as a manufacturer of fast firing systems and solar dryers for the metallization of solar cells.


smtSMT Techniques

Surface mount printers for manual, semiautomatic and inline requirements. Semi and fully automatic vision alignment. Large board printers.

specialtySpecialty Coating Systems (SCS)

The SCS dispense platform is a fully programmable, multi-purpose system that offers unparalleled programming for efficiency in automated material application.

speedprintSpeedprint Technology

Speedprint Technology is an award-winning company delivering comprehensive smt screen printing solutions with a focus on value, flexibility and low cost-of-ownership for the SMT and Semiconductor industries.



Produces high-quality solutions by combining material and technological expertise. Heraeus focusses on important issues such as the environment, energy, health, mobility and industrial applications.