Product Lines

SMT Solutions

AOI – Cyber Optics

AOI systems are designed for both pre-reflow and post-reflow inspection covering a comprehensive list of component and solder joint defect categories and are fully capable of inspecting 01005 components and beyond. Contact: Cyber Optics

SCS Medical Coatings

SCS Medical Coatings: Vital performance and protection for medical device applications. Biocompatible and biostable, SCS Parylene coatings provide medical devices and components excellent moisture, chemical and dielectric barrier protection. Parylene also has a low coefficient of friction for applications where lubricity is important. Contact: Specialty Coating Systems

Sonobond Ultrasonics

The first name in ultrasonic welding. In 1960, Sonobond (then known as Aeroprojects) received the first patent for ultrasonic metal welding. Since then, the company has received more than 150 additional patents. These include not only metal welders, but custom-engineered ultrasonic bonders of all types. Contact: Sonobond Ultrasonics

Mentor Graphics

Mentor is now a part of the Siemens PLM Software business unit, within the Siemens Digital Factory division. With the addition of Mentor Graphics, Siemens now delivers the most comprehensive digital design portfolio— from integrated circuit design, to system design and the complete Digital Enterprise. Contact: Mentor Graphics  


Heraeus, the technology group headquartered in Hanau, Germany, is a leading international family-owned company formed in 1851. With expertise, a focus on innovations, operational excellence and an entrepreneurial leadership, we strive to continuously improve the businesses of our customers around the world. Contact: Heraeus  

Inline and Batch Cleaners – Austin American Tech

High performance cleaning systems. From general purpose to high reliability requirements, AAT systems are design-driven by the science of cleaning. Our systems include batch and inline; aqueous and solvent; spray in air and spray under immersion with ultrasonics.Contact: Austin American Tech


Conveyors and conveying components for a wide variety of industries and applications. Our conveyor systems are designed for ease of use, maintenance and their reliability. A custom, made to order conveyor system to a standard “off the shelf” roller conveyor. Contact: ESL

Depanelling, Laser Marking, Laser Welding, Oddform

Automation and laser applications form a unique combination that provides a technological advantage. Solutions are tailored to the customer’s needs utilizing flexible product platforms, which will also shorten lead times. Standard machine platforms include odd-form component placement, PCB de-paneling, laser applications, test handling and production IT to meet the tough demands driven by quality and traceability demands. Contact: Cencorp

Dispensing – Specialty Coating Systems (SCS)

The SCS dispense platform is a fully programmable, multi-purpose system that offers unparalleled programming for efficiency in automated material application. Multi-functional, multi-valve technologies allow for the application of dots, lines, fills and globtops, all within one system. Contact: Specialty Coating Systems (SCS)

Pick and Place – Assembléon / KNS

SMT (surface mount technology) component placement systems, commonly called pick-and-place machines or P&Ps, are robotic machines which are used to place surface-mount devices (SMDs) onto a printed circuit board (PCB). They are used for high speed, high precision placing of broad range of electronic components. Contact: Assembléon

Reflow Ovens – Rehm

A reflow oven is a machine used primarily for reflow soldering of surface mount electronic components to printed circuit boards. The oven contains multiple zones, which can be individually controlled for temperature.The PCB moves through the oven on a conveyor belt, and is therefore subjected to a controlled time-temperature profile. Contact: Rehm

Rework – AirVac

Rework is the term for the refinishing operation or repair of an electronic printed circuit board assembly, usually involving desoldering and re-soldering of surface-mounted electronic components. Contact: AirVac

Screen Printers – Speedprint Technology / SMT Technologies

Screen-printing can reduce or eliminate these defects through corrected placement at the solder printing positions to promote the self-alignment effect. Our SMT Screen Printers focus on value, flexibility and low cost-of-ownership for the SMT industries. Contact: SMT Technologies Speedprint Technology

SMT Feeders – Airtron

Automation of surface-mount assembly by the use of pick-and-place equipment to handle tiny components has been enhanced by evolutionary improvements in tape-and-reel systems which can accommodate as many as 4000 parts on a 13-inch reel. This results in less frequent component reloading and less downtime of the assembly equipment. Contact: Airtron

Vapour Phase Soldering – Rehm

Vapour-phase soldering is accomplished with the aid of a hot vapour. Heat transfer in condensation soldering is up to ten times higher than with convection soldering. This is particularly suitable for handling large or high-mass boards in a stable process atmosphere. Contact: Rehm

Wire Preparation Systems – ARTOS

Automatically measure, cut and count hook-up wires, medical grade tubing, heat shrink, rubber cable and communication cable. With an encoder that provides improved length consistency and heat treated steel blades that last longer. Contact: Artos

Infrastructure Facility Solutions

Air Line Systems – Transair / RS Finishings

The materials and modular design makes it easier and less expensive to install than traditional systems. Its aluminum piping is easier to lift and handle than standard steel piping, and its push-to-connect fittings secure connections with a simple push and twist. Contact: RS Finishings and Transair

Carousels – Johnston Equipment

Carousels consist of an oval track with rotating bins containing shelves that deliver items to the operator. This allows an operator to pick from one active carousel while the others are pre-positioning to be picked the moment the operator is ready. Contact: Johnston Equipment

Fume Extractors – Bofa

Tip and Volume solder fume extraction systems are designed for applications that generate fume comprising; resin acid particulate and gaseous organic compounds within the Electronics sector. Solutions are available for manual and automated processes including: wave solder, reflow, selective solder and conformal coating solder applications. Contact: Bofa

Mezzanines – Delta Force

When it comes to floor space, you have way more than you think. A mezzanine can transform unused overhead workspace into profitable and efficient work and storage space. Contact: Delta Force

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